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Priding themselves upon their status as the water filled barrier system experts in Australia, Centurion Barrier Systems will start serving Indonesian clients. As they expand into the Asian and Pacific markets, Centurion will build on their reputation for high quality products, great prices and customer service, and cost effective delivery strategy. On top of that, each product comes with a five year guarantee. Through rigorous testing, Centurion has developed four barrier system products that are guaranteed to last through extreme weather and temperatures that occur in Indonesia. Each type of barrier is a heavy, durable barrier when filled with water, yet can be easily moved by a single person when empty.

Zone Barriers

Offering clients their most robust barrier system, Centurion’s Zone Barrier system is capable of creating an almost impenetrable barrier for heavy traffic. At 1000 mm in height and 224 kg in weight when filled, the Zone barrier is an ideal, cost effective solution for construction zones and areas of heavy vehicle traffic.

Econo Barriers

Centurion’s Econo Barrier provides a budget-friendly option for clients in need of a slightly smaller, lighter barrier system. At 800 mm in height, the Econo Barrier is an effective barrier for delineating or directing pedestrian or vehicle traffic. While it does not provide the weight and immovability of the Zone Barrier, the Econo Barrier meets many customers’ needs at a remarkable price.

Delineator Barriers

Delineator Barriers were developed by Centurion for crowd control, pedestrian traffic, or car park zoning solutions. At 640 mm in height, the Delineator Barrier creates clearly visible pathways and designates areas while not being as heavy and immovable as the larger barrier options. It is ideal for marking walking paths, zones, or traffic lanes, such as at events, government facilities, and public arenas.

Airport Barriers

FAA standards are met and exceeded with Centurion’s Airport Barriers, which were designed for airport taxi lanes and runways. With predrilled holes for lights and flags and orange stripe design, Airport Barriers are eye-catching and durable, making them appropriate for other uses as well, such as delineating paths in construction zones and go cart tracks.

With low cost delivery, high quality products, and their five year guarantee, Centurion will soon be a favorite with Indonesian clients. By always shipping to the customer’s nearest port, shipping is kept as low as possible. Clients in Indonesia will be pleased with the service and products provided by Centurion.

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