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Centurion Barrier Expands into Asia and Pacific Markets

Centurion Barrier Systems has long been a respected name in the water barrier industry in Australia.

Offering unique, high quality products that are available nowhere else, they have established themselves as the leader in their field. Building upon this success, Centurion Barrier Systems is expanding into markets of Asia and the Pacific.

Barrier Experts

By dealing exclusively in barrier products, Centurion has developed expertise that you will not find at any other barrier supplier. Their focus on water filled barriers has enabled them to build the best products and provide the most valuable consultation services for these products.

Centurion provides heavy duty plastic barriers for a variety of uses that will stand up to harsh weather conditions. Their barriers will last for years through ice and cold of winter or the intense heat and sun of summer.

The barriers sold by Centurion undergo the most stringent testing in the industry to ensure that they will hold up under heavy use and severe weather. Centurion barriers have undergone several levels of testing and are guaranteed to meet the most demanding requirements.


Centurion Zone Barriers are ideal for road construction, parking lot sectioning, or other heavy barrier needs. These heavy duty plastic barriers are easy to move when empty, weighing only 28 kg. However when filled with water, they create an almost immovable barrier weighing 224 kg.

Delineator Barriers by Centurion were developed for lighter use where a smaller barrier is adequate.

Perfect for pedestrian paths or marking out parking sections, the delineator barriers weigh 130 kg when filled and stand 640 mm high.

Centurion also supplies low-profile Airport Barriers that are ideal for designating runways, construction areas, or other pathways. Meeting FAA standards for air traffic areas, these durable barriers have predrilled holes for lights and flags and are easy to deploy where needed.

Coming Soon to Asia and the Pacific!

Centurion Barrier Systems recently announced their plans to begin supplying their robust, dependable barrier products to markets outside of Australia where they are designed and produced. Serving the

Asian and Pacific markets, Centurion will ship to the customer s closest port to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. The devoted staff at Centurion is excited about the opportunity to serve new customers in the Asian and Pacific regions.

Centurion Barrier Systems – Water Filled Barriers

Centurion Barrier Systems has established in Australia for many years but the proven performance of our products has given us the ability to expand and we have chosen to bring our product to the Asian Pacific. Unlike many companies that sell barriers, we are experts and deal only in barriers. We are totally focused on creating the best product and providing it to you through outstanding customer service and at an unbeatable price. We are your source for a variety of needs including vehicular and pedestrian traffic in any setting and our products will stand up to the harshest weather.

Barrier Systems

Whether it’s directing pedestrian foot traffic at an outdoor fest(val or blocking erosion and other debris from flowing into an area, Centurion Barrier Systems is your go-to resource in Australia, and now in the Asian Pacific. We’re bringing to the Asian Pacific the highest quality water filled barriers, built to the highest standards at a savings of up to 50% over other suppliers.

Centurion Barrier Systems are delivered to you empty. At this stage they are lightweight, increasing in weight and durability when you fill them with water through an opening on top of the unit, it’s that
easy. All of our products are portable and can be linked together in a variety of angles, allowing you to easily adapt them to any area of any shape and size. When you no longer need them, you simply open a plug located at the bottom of the unit and let the water flow out. Units are unattached from each other easily and since they are lightweight, packing them up is easy. In addition, all of our products are also treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and brittleness that may otherwise occur after hours in the sun.

All of our products are subjected to rigorous testing in the harshest conditions and we are 100% confident they will stand up to even the worst conditions in the Asian Pacific or anywhere else in the world. No matter what event or setting you have that requires barriers, no matter what the conditions in which they’ll be used, regardless of climate, we are confident that our product will withstand and even shine in the worst conditions.

No matter what kind of business you operate or what services you provide, we are the experts who
can give you the best barrier at the best price. Our quality and performance have made us the most trusted barrier company in Australia and we have our eyes set on being the most trusted barrier company in the Asian Pacific. We guarantee the best price, best quality, and fastest delivery or we’ll give you your money back and we provide a full five-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every one of our products.