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How You Can Use Econo Barrier Elements To Create Cost Effective Barrier Solutions

As you can tell by the name, Econo Barrier is a low cost effective barrier solution. You can use Econo Barrier elements to create cost effective solutions.

They make an idyllic visual barrier and by simply adding a hoarding panel you can increase the size and it can serve as somewhat of a physical barrier. An option that will enhance the effectiveness of the Econo Barrier.

No matter what business you are in or services you offer and are in need of a temporary wall this is your resolution.The Econo Barrier is a small, lightweight, easy to transport and reusable manufactured goods.

The Econo Barrier measures 1200mm x 500mm x 800mm high which makes it the perfect size for a visual obstacle. Perfect for sporting events, walkways, retaining walls, playgrounds, directing people or vehicles, and any other area where a small barrier is needed.

If you are in need of something that can serve as a more physical barricade it can be obtained by adding the easy to install exclusively designed hoarding board. Merely joining the board and the barrier together by effortlessly connecting the single male and female points together like a puzzle piece you will increase the overall height to 1,935mm. Therefore, offering a more visual and bodily obstruction.

Being that the barrier is light weight it is easy to set up in any designated area by one person. The fact that you just fill it with water makes it economical and reusable. When filled with water its weight is 150kg, creating a very sturdy and effective mid-sized blockade.

Easy to use, the Econo Barrier units are connected using its unique link and joint design. The units can be linked together quickly and with very little effort. They are easily filled with water through a port hole at the top of the component and just as easily emptied by way of the screwable release plug located at the bottom.

Econo Barriers are manufactured to the utmost standards, to ensure sturdiness and durability regardless of where they are used. These blockades are manufactured with anti-brittleness agents and ultra violet inhibitors. Due to the extensive testing and re-testing of this product it is guaranteed to withstand any weather condition in any circumstance.

Econo Barriers are available in safety red that will not fade, crack, split, or discolour and are backed by a 5-year guarantee against any defects in the manufacturing process.

While there may be other Econo barriers on the market you will not be able to get hold of one anywhere else that is as economical and the only one of its kind.