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Bahrain Water Filled Barriers For Roads, Airports, Car Parks

Centurion Barrier Systems, Australian water filled barrier system experts, are pleased to announce that they are moving into new markets. Bahrain joins the growing list of countries that Centurion serves with their high quality products and expertise. Each of Centurions carefully developed barrier systems are designed to last, even in extreme weather conditions experienced in Bahrain. Lauded for their expertise in water filled barrier systems, Centurion has developed of four types of barrier systems, each with a light, maneuverable design that becomes a heavy, durable barrier when filled with water.

Zone Barriers

The largest, most robust of Centurion’s barrier systems is the Zone Barrier. It is ideal in situations where barriers must be strong and immovable. Zone Barriers are easily moved by a single person when empty, but weigh in at 224 kg each when filled with water. Utilized in construction zones, sports tracks, or other areas that require strong, secure barriers, the Zone Barrier is Centurion’s top of the line product.

Econo Barriers

Offering clients a smaller, budget-friendly option, Centurion developed the Econo Barrier system. Ideal for pedestrian or vehicle traffic delineation, the Econo Barrier offers a less costly barrier option for situations that do not require the immovability and strength of the Zone Barrier. Measure 800 mm in height and locking together to form a wall, the Econo Barriers are a cost effective option for lighter traffic.

Delineator Barriers

For crowd control, pedestrian traffic, or car park traffic, Centurion’s Delineator Barriers are the perfect solution. They are clearly visible from a vehicle at 640 mm in height, but not as heavy and impenetrable as the larger barriers. They are ideal for marking paths, delineation of specific areas, or directing traffic.

Airport Barriers

Centurion’s Airport Barriers are FAA approved and fully equipped with predrilled holes for lights and flags. They may be specifically designed for airport taxi lanes and runways, but many customers find them useful for designating paths in construction zones and other busy areas.

Centurion’s barrier system are each carefully developed and rigorously tested. The plastics used to manufacture each product are expressly developed for long useful lives in extreme sun and temperatures. Because of the high quality of their products, Centurion is able to offer a five year guarantee. They are also happy to provide low cost delivery to new Bahrain customers by shipping to the client’s nearest port. As they are in Australia, Centurion will soon be considered the top name in water filled barrier systems in Bahrain.

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